Experienced Technology Leadership

Enterprise and emerging technology expert with public and private enterprise experience.

Globally Recognized Technology Leader

The leaders who turn to Lane Campbell for advice are the same people helping the leaders of companies that do over $140B in annual revenue. Mr. Campbell was honored to open the NASDAQ as a technology leader recognized by CTO Connection.

Mr. Campbell is a thought leader in emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and quantum computing.


Mr. Campbell is a member of the FBI civilian program InfraGard who has led teams on international technology projects, worked to develop products with artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, web and mobile technologies. As a thought leader around emerging technologies Mr. Campbell was recruited to join the Entanglement Institute as an Advisor. Entanglement Institute is the first Public/Private quantum computing venture.

As a midwesterner, Mr. Campbell has worked with lobbyists to change laws and improve efficiency in government through adoption of modern technologies. As an internationally sought expert on technology, Mr. Campbell's work has brought him to Ireland, Mexico, China, Korea, and the Philippines. Mr. Campbell has been architecting secure and scalable global technology solutions for over 15 years.

As a volunteer, Mr. Campbell has helped Defy Ventures rehabilitate convicted felons so they can become small business owners. Mr. Campbell also volunteered to architect a satellite video streaming platform to allow USA based Doctors to provide telemedicine for victims of natural disasters in Africa.

Artificial Intelligence

Is an emerging technology that will change entire industries in rapid order. In conjuction with quantum computing there is a paradigm shift underway.


I am the patent author for decentralized identity technology to managed a data exchange with a blockchain that provides attestation.

Cyber Security

I have over 15 years in cybersecurity, infrastructure, and security. I have overseen PCI compliance, SOC2 compliance, and HIPAA certification.