Lane Campbell

Lane Campbell is an accomplished technology entrepreneur with a proven track record in a variety of different industries.   Mr. Campbell's technical and support expertise has been applied to National Retail, Online Music Distribution, Social Networking, Real Estate, IP Telephony, Building Management Services, as well as the Publishing industry. 

Mr. Campbell maintains relationships with technology industry leaders from the Intel Corporation, Google, Inc., prominent YCombinator funded startups, to the founders of many prominent open source projects.

Currently Mr. Campbell is CEO of Syntress, LLC a consulting company that provides technology solutions for medium to enterprise sized businesses. Syntress offers a wide range services that include working with BSD and Solaris storage solutions, firewalls and routing, Windows Server and Workstation Administration customization, and a variety of Linux products. Syntress is comprised of a world-class team that provides unparalleled technological services using the best product for the job at affordable prices. Projects routinely take advantage of Asterisk, PFSense and ZFS powered Enterprise Storage to custom fit services for client needs. 

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